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  1. Abenomics accelerated: biggest risk to Japanese growth revealed

    By Eugenio Montesano on 31 October 2014
    VIDEO: Citywire + rated equity manager Yutaka Uda outlines what factors will dictate future growth in Japan and how he is investing to take advantage.
    In This Article Yutaka Uda
    Yutaka Uda
  2. JPM set to widen remit of $1.4bn global strategic bond fund

    By Chris Sloley on 31 October 2014
    Asset management firm outlines plans to remove restrictions on ABS, converts and credit quality in Lux-domiciled strategy.
    In This Article Nick Gartside
    Nick Gartside,
  3. BOJ bombshell: top managers react to surprise stimulus measure

    By Chris Sloley on 31 October 2014
    While the Japanese central bank caught markets off guard with an expansion of QE, leading fund managers outline where next for Abenomics.
    In This Article Richard Kaye Andrew Rose Simon Somerville June-Yon Kim
    Richard Kaye, Andrew Rose, Simon Somerville, June-Yon Kim
  4. Second tax hike won’t sting small-caps, says Japan specialist

    By Luca Rossi on 31 October 2014
    Abe’s plans for further increases won’t hurt the smaller players, says BNP Paribas IP’s Tony Glover, head of fund management for Japan.
  5. Polar Capital unveils Euro income fund for ex-Threadneedle manager

    By Chris Sloley on 31 October 2014
    Asset management firm announces new concentrated approach for dividend veteran, Citywire Global can reveal.
    In This Article Nick Davis
    Nick Davis
  6. Credit Suisse bolsters multi asset range with global income fund

    By Silvia Sciorilli Borrelli on 31 October 2014
    Swiss asset management group adds second multi-asset fund in quick succession with new strategy focused on delivering stable returns.
  7. Pioneer bond star snaps up HY bets for €3.3bn income fund

    By Luca Rossi on 31 October 2014
    Citywire A-rated manager Ken Taubes rebuilds weighting to high yield sector as he believes fundamentals remain strong despite volatility.
    In This Article Ken Taubes Andrew Feltus
    Ken Taubes, Andrew Feltus
  8. ECB appoints four asset managers for ABS purchase programme

    By Luca Rossi on 31 October 2014
    Central banks make series of appointments ahead of planned implementation of asset-backed programme kicking off next month.
  9. Dilma to be more market-friendly in the short term, says EM star

    By Luca Rossi on 31 October 2014
    Hermes IM's head of emerging markets expects President's second term to be one focused on working together but remains cautious on the currency.
    In This Article Gary Greenberg
    Gary Greenberg
  10. Destination USA: top selectors on what next for US equities

    By Citywire Research Team on 31 October 2014
    In the final part of our analysis of how investors are playing US equities, three leading investors give their market overviews.
  11. Double manager hire for Pictet’s healthcare team

    By Chris Sloley on 30 October 2014
    Swiss asset management group raids rival firms for two new managers in order to help add coverage in specialist sectors.
    In This Article Michael Sjöström
    Michael Sjöström,
  12. Asia is EM’s commodity drop refuge, says $2.4bn equity manager

    By Atholl Simpson on 30 October 2014
    Investors should cut Brazilian and Russian exposure to avoid seeing returns dragged down by end of commodity cycle, says RAM's Thomas de Saint-Seine.
    In This Article Thomas de Saint-Seine Maxime Botti Emmanuel Hauptmann
    Thomas de Saint-Seine, Maxime Botti, Emmanuel Hauptmann
  13. Fund manager quits ‘food truck’ business for second bite at PIMCO

    By Chris Sloley on 30 October 2014
    US firm strengthens resources with familiar face added to Mihir Worah’s team to cover real returns and TIPS.
    In This Article William H Gross Virginie Maisonneuve
    William H Gross, Virginie Maisonneuve
  14. On the up in the US: fund selectors reveal top managers to back

    By Citywire Research Team on 30 October 2014
    Citywire Global canvassed leading fund buyers and investment professionals on whether it is time to stick or twist on their American exposure.
    In This Article Robert Levy Michael Mangan Cormac Weldon Stephen Moore
    Robert Levy, Michael Mangan, Cormac Weldon, Stephen Moore
  15. US bond stars' guide to riding the rising interest rate wave

    By Atholl Simpson on 29 October 2014
    VIDEO: Citywire Global spoke to leading figures in the US bond and high yield sectors to find out how they are preparing for the rise in interest rates.
    In This Article Rick Rieder Carl Whitbeck
    Rick Rieder, Carl Whitbeck,
  16. French boutique poaches equity expert from rival

    By Chris Sloley on 29 October 2014
    Paris-based asset manager poaches mid-cap specialist and immediately assigns him to three strategies, Citywire Global has learned.
    In This Article Alexandre Voisin Nelly Davies Didier Roman Don Fitzgerald
    Alexandre Voisin, Nelly Davies, Didier Roman, Don Fitzgerald
  17. Former JPM equity specialist joins Aviva Investors

    By Luca Rossi on 29 October 2014
    Asset management firm bolsters Citywire A-rated manager's team with appointment to aid on Asian and emerging market equity funds.
    In This Article Will Ballard David Lis
    Will Ballard, David Lis
  18. Schroders reshuffles global equities team as manager exits

    By Matthew Goodburn on 29 October 2014
    Asset management firm announces three investment analyst promotions while equity specialist opts to depart.
    In This Article Simon Webber Virginie Maisonneuve
    Simon Webber, Virginie Maisonneuve
  19. Frontier frontrunners: top equity funds of the past 12 months

    By Chris Sloley on 29 October 2014
    Citywire Global uncovers the leading lights posting benchmark-beating performances over the past year.
    In This Article Allan Conway
    Allan Conway
  20. Newton's Pidcock: why we're reducing HK and shunning Indonesia

    By Matthew Goodburn on 29 October 2014
    VIDEO: The blockbuster Asian equity manager explains why he is cautious on China but now keen to put capital to work in the region.
    In This Article Jason Pidcock
    Jason Pidcock
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