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  1. Former BlueBay duo’s bond boutique closed

    By Silvia Sciorilli Borrelli on 24 April 2015
    Seed investor confirms closure of specialist debt company after departure of co-founder in 2014.
  2. Blockbuster currency team backs Mex peso to power ahead

    By Chris Sloley on 24 April 2015
    Pictet’s $784m LatAm specialists are looking to up exposure despite currency’s strong fall against the US dollar.
    In This Article Mary-Thérèse Barton Orlena Yee
    Mary-Thérèse Barton, Orlena Yee
  3. Credit Suisse to merge away luxury goods fund

    By Chris Sloley on 24 April 2015
    Swiss asset manager informs shareholders of plans to roll €122m thematic fund into similar strategy.
    In This Article Juan Manuel Mendoza
    Juan Manuel Mendoza
  4. On the Road: alternatives on the agenda for Swiss selectors

    By Alexandre Cave on 24 April 2015
    Leading investors in Geneva have their eyes on alternative plays this month as they prepare for increased market volatility.
    In This Article Neil Woodford Irina Hunter Rasmus Nemmoe Johan Utterman
    Neil Woodford, Irina Hunter, Rasmus Nemmoe, Johan Utterman
  5. Health check: the two sector specialists posting 200% returns

    By Chris Sloley on 24 April 2015
    Citywire Global uncovers the thematic fund managers with the strongest outperformance over the past five years.
    In This Article Andy Acker
    Andy Acker
  6. Edmond de Rothschild AM appoints new China equities chief

    By Indira Vergis on 24 April 2015
    Former China equities head leaves after less than two years in the role with senior fund manager named as successor.
  7. UniCredit and Santander reach agreement to merge AM units

    By Silvia Sciorilli Borrelli on 23 April 2015
    Pioneer Investments and Santander AM are set to join forces to create a leading global asset manager.
  8. Spain can outstrip US growth, says GAM star Gallagher

    By Chris Sloley on 23 April 2015
    Citywire + rated European equity specialist is backing the peripheral country to build on recovery efforts to overtake developed world rivals.
    In This Article Niall Gallagher
    Niall Gallagher
  9. The most consistent European converts manager revealed

    By Silvia Sciorilli Borrelli on 23 April 2015
    Citywire Global unveils the lone outperformer who has stayed ahead of this increasingly popular pack in the past five years.
    In This Article Thorsten Vetter
    Thorsten Vetter
  10. Leading Euro equity manager trims telcos to curb cyclical stance

    By Chris Sloley on 23 April 2015
    Sector’s top investor on a one-year basis, Robin Milway, rebalances fund owing to valuations and wider market moves.
    In This Article Robin Milway
    Robin Milway
  11. Worst is over for turbulent Tesco, says bond star Bullock

    By Chris Sloley, Luca Rossi on 23 April 2015
    The Citywire AA-rated manager believes the UK supermarket chain can move onto a positive footing after posting record annual loss.
    In This Article Chris Bullock
    Chris Bullock
  12. How Africa has ratcheted up its debt again

    By Silvia Sciorilli Borrelli on 23 April 2015
    Banque de Luxembourg's head of fixed income Jean-Philippe Donge says debt sustainability in sub-Saharan nations is scaring markets.
    In This Article Jean-Philippe Donge Brigitte Posch
    Jean-Philippe Donge, Brigitte Posch
  13. Rise of the RMB: three reasons to expect China’s currency to surge

    By Hayden Briscoe on 23 April 2015
    Regional specialist Hayden Briscoe believes recent depreciation of the renminbi is only a short-term fad before a stronger surge.
    In This Article Hayden Briscoe
    Hayden Briscoe
  14. Bank and tech bets top Euro equity star Bendahan’s buy-list

    By Chris Sloley on 22 April 2015
    Boutique founder puts focus on ‘challenger’ banks and peripheral plays as newly-launched fund swells to €189m.
    In This Article Eric Bendahan
    Eric Bendahan
  15. Skagen to strengthen line-up on €4.5bn global equity fund

    By Chris Sloley on 22 April 2015
    Nordic asset manager set to add new face to flagship global equity fund following senior manager departure.
    In This Article Kristian Falnes Søren Milo Christensen
    Kristian Falnes, Søren Milo Christensen
  16. Fixed income chief Puntillo: why I changed my mind on Russia

    By Luca Rossi on 22 April 2015
    VIDEO: The Swiss & Global AM manager reveals why he's made major moves into the market despite longer-term uncertainty.
    In This Article Enzo Puntillo
    Enzo Puntillo
  17. UK group makes triple hire for new global equity team

    By Chris Sloley on 22 April 2015
    Trio of thematic managers join independent asset manager with plans for Dublin-domiciled funds revealed.
    In This Article Kristof Bulkai
    Kristof Bulkai,
  18. Bill Gross: German 10-year bund is ‘short of a lifetime’

    By Chris Sloley on 22 April 2015
    Bond veteran tweets need to time entry into German sovereign debt trade as 10-year borrowing costs near zero.
    In This Article William H Gross
    William H Gross
  19. Changes in China: top managers on tapping the secular shift

    By Luca Rossi on 22 April 2015
    VIDEO: Swiss & Global AM’s Jian Shi Cortesi and Scilla Huang Sun on the best ways to tap into the EM giant’s new growth model.
    In This Article Jian Shi Cortesi Scilla Huang Sun
    Jian Shi Cortesi, Scilla Huang Sun
  20. ‘Beaten-up’ Gazprom too cheap to ignore, say Guinness energy trio

    By Chris Sloley on 21 April 2015
    Specialist investors believe the Russian giant offers huge discount potential compared with developed world counterparts.
    In This Article Will Riley Tim Guinness Jonathan Waghorn
    Will Riley, Tim Guinness, Jonathan Waghorn
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