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Now there is a magazine designed and written exclusively for Switzerland's Independent Managers.

Latest Issue

Citywire Switzerland Magazine

Sticking with the search for fresh approaches to income, private equity and debt is experiencing a surge of interest at the moment. This month, we canvassed five independent asset managers to see how they are responding to increasing demand, and how they broach the tricky question of liquidity constraints with clients.

Interviewed at her favourite jazz venue in Zurich, cover star ISGAM’s Marianne Rameau tells us why, just like Duke Ellington or Miles Davis, asset managers can only improvise once they have absorbed the lessons of history.

Taking a familiar idea and putting a new twist on it – in this case specialising in cross-border services for a diverse client base – is playing out well for Rameau as her firm continues to expand its global reach.

The challenge of finding fresh approaches in a well-trodden field also crops up in this month’s Independent Agenda. An increasing number of independent wealth managers across Switzerland are launching in-house funds, but is this a trend that has a solid justification? We ask our readers what risks they should evaluate before taking the plunge and launching a fund.

Elsewhere in the magazine, the ‘risk without yield’ problem in fixed income is the subject of Allocation as Edmond de Rothschild’s Gilles Princes tells us how a ‘dynamic core’ can take the place of a traditional allocation to government debt.

Our star manager this issue is Polar Capital’s Nick Martin and he tells us how he’s beating the market by focusing on the ultimate ‘grudge purchase’: insurance.

Uncovering the ‘awesomely simple’ isn’t easy, but the range of innovative solutions to complex problems featured in this issue demonstrates the intellectual firepower independent managers have at their disposal.