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Now there is a magazine designed and written exclusively for Switzerland's Independent Managers.

Latest Issue

Citywire Switzerland Magazine

With an increasing number of Swiss independent asset managers facing up to the challenge of working with US nationals, Citywire Switzerland decided it was time to ask advisers how they cater for American clients, and how they navigate the country’s arcane tax laws and increasingly labyrinthine investment regulations.

One of this issue’s contributors, Envisage Wealth Management’s Martin Straub, has put together a guide to the 10 IRS forms every Swiss asset manager needs to know.

This month’s cover star, Egon Vorfeld, managing partner at Forum Finance Group, is among those who have decided the pain is worth the prize. Vorfeld told us about the trials of getting SEC accredited and how he plans to grow his US client base.

December’s Fund Manager to Watch, Candriam’s minimum volatility expert Geoffroy Goenen revealed his two-pronged tactics. In a sector characterised by quant-driven decision-making, he explained how he juggles quant methods and stock picking.

Elsewhere in the magazine, our Viewpoint feature quizzed six investors on what worked and what didn’t in 2016. Have a look to see if you made any of the same smart calls, or share any of the same regrets.

That’s followed by Outlook, where advisers shared their thoughts on portfolio positioning for the year ahead.

With fresh approaches to investment and tireless diligence in the face of mounting bureaucracy, the independent managers featured in this issue all had the same response to today’s challenging environment: bring it on.