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Ivo Staijen

Ivo Staijen

This manager is not currently tracked by Citywire in Switzerland View performance globally

About Ivo Staijen

HBM Partners' Ivo Staijen has over four years of experience in the pharma industry and over fourteen years of experience in investment analysis and portfolio management in the healthcare sector. He is also a former senior biotechnology analyst at Bank Sarasin and a former department head at MDS Pharma Services. Ivo has a Master of Science degree in chemistry from the University of Groningen, the Netherlands, and a PhD in biology from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH), in Zurich, Switzerland. He also was a visiting scholar at the Department of Biology at the MIT, Cambridge, Massachusetts USA.

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Citywire Rating: Not Eligible

Ivo Staijen does not currently have the required track record to be eligible for a Citywire Rating. See methodology


  • JNot rated in Jul 2014
  • ANot rated in Aug 2014
  • SNot rated in Sep 2014
  • ONot rated in Oct 2014
  • NNot rated in Nov 2014
  • DNot rated in Dec 2014


  • JNot rated in Jan 2015
  • FNot rated in Feb 2015
  • MNot rated in Mar 2015
  • ARated Plus in Apr 2015
  • MRated Plus in May 2015
  • JRated Plus in Jun 2015
  • JRated Plus in Jul 2015
  • ARated A in Aug 2015
  • SRated A in Sep 2015
  • ORated A in Oct 2015
  • NRated A in Nov 2015
  • DRated A in Dec 2015


  • JRated A in Jan 2016
  • FRated Plus in Feb 2016
  • MRated A in Mar 2016
  • ARated A in Apr 2016
  • MRated A in May 2016
  • JRated A in Jun 2016
  • JRated A in Jul 2016
  • ARated A in Aug 2016
  • SRated A in Sep 2016
  • ORated A in Oct 2016
  • NRated AA in Nov 2016
  • DRated AA in Dec 2016


  • JRated A in Jan 2017
  • FRated Plus in Feb 2017
  • MRated AA in Mar 2017
  • ARated AA in Apr 2017
  • MRated AA in May 2017
  • JRated AA in Jun 2017
  • JRated AA in Jul 2017
  • ARated AA in Aug 2017

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