Five minutes with…Tibor Luka, Bluecap

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Fund selector Q&A: Tibor Luka, Bluecap

Complete this sentence ‘The most important part of my job is….’: To foresee hidden risks.

Complete this sentence: ‘The single most important question to ask a fund manager is…: What makes his approach unique or where does he see his competitive advantage/USP?

Best selection decision: It was made in private equity, in the application of nanotechnology.

Biggest selection mistake: To have entered a fund too early in its life cycle, while it was still under CHF 10 million AuM.

Biggest challenge for the next 12 months: To realize when it is time to gear up for riskier investments.

What essential tools or skills should all fund selectors have: Have your feet on the ground.

What is the worst thing a fund manager can do in an interview: Be approximate.

If I wasn’t a fund selector, I would be a…: Business consultant, as you need intuition and realism.