Head of fixed income Enzo Puntillo (pictured) and Zurich-based head of equities Scilla Huang Sun are among 18 fund managers exiting GAM amid a rapid restructuring. 

According to Citywire Switzerland's sister title Citywire Selector, Puntillo's departure comes as part of a plan to centralise the emerging markets team under Paul McNamara

Fixed income team members Michal Novak and Peter Schütz are also set to depart, as well as ABS managers Laurence Kubli and Matthias Wildhaber.

Furthermore, the group plans to consolidate its European equity business under Niall Gallagher.

Citywire Selector recently released the names of 13 fund managers confirmed to be leaving the group, with 18 expected to depart in total. These include Hans Ulrich Jost, Andrea Gerst, Oliver Maslowski, Andy Kastner, Carlo Capaul, Stefan Fröhlich and Philippe Hungerbühler.