Geneva-based asset management boutique Quaero Capital has expanded its product range with the launch of a clean energy fund, the group has announced.

The Quaero Accessible Clean Energy fund is managed by newly hired managers Martina Turner and Zoë VanderWolk.

The duo first joined Quaero Capital in September 2017 from Accessible Clean Energy, which was founded by Turner in Paris in 2014. Turner developed an investment strategy focused on the development, production and sale of clean energy technologies, which then became the strategy for a structured fund anchored by a pension fund.

VanderWolk has many years of experience as a lawyer in the clean energy sector.

The new Quaero fund aims to reduce carbon emissions by investing in fast-growing clean energy stocks.

Investing across the entire clean energy value chain, the fund has an investible universe of 650 listed equities.

The Luxembourg-domiciled Sicav’s strategy is supported by an advisory board, which includes Georges Dupont-Roc, the founder of Royal Dutch/Shell Renewable Energies and the former director of sustainable development at Total.

Also on the board is Nancy Hirshberg, the founder of sustainable consulting firm Hirshberg Strategy, and Jim Bain, who has 30 years’ experience in the oil and gas industry.

Turner said: ‘Clean energy has definitively shifted to an unsubsidised, truly competitive mix of industries.

‘The cheapest renewables – solar PV [photovoltaics] and wind are already cheaper than the cheapest form of conventional power.

'In addition, storage costs are now so cheap that wind, solar and storage can together provide more reliable baseload power with no intermittency, outages or energy security issues.’

Earlier this year, the Geneva-based boutique launched a ‘new Europe’ fund, extending the existing European small- and mid-cap strategy to include Eastern Europe and peripheral states.