Geneva-based Trillium has hired Nicolas Vialis, who is expected to manage the Manavest Swiss Equity fund.

Vialis, who previously co-managed the Swiss and European equity funds at independent boutique Bruellan, made the move to Trillium, the asset management arm of Citadel Finance, on 15 August.

The fund manager said: ‘Everything was going well at Bruellan and the performance of the funds I was co-managing was good, but I decided to move to Trillium to challenge myself.’

Vialis intends to use the same investment strategy as he used at Bruellan, starting with a fundamental filter, an in-house quantitative filter and a technical filter.

The next step involves conducting deep fundamental analysis by researching company management history, followed by risk management.

Vialis said: ‘If a company becomes too expensive for no reason, then I am going to move away. I am not going to buy any value trap company.

‘At the moment, the portfolio includes 32 names, mostly oriented towards small and mid caps because this segment of the market did very well last year. However, if the situation changes, I can always move away from those.’

Before his time at Bruellan, Vialis worked as an independent consultant and as a finance professor at the Institut Supérieur de Formation Bancaire (ISFB) in Geneva.