New Year’s resolutions: former cover stars share their 2019 goals

From pushing into new markets to motivating the team, Citywire Switzerland’s 2018 cover stars have plenty planned for 2019. 

Here, they tell us what they have set as their New Year’s resolutions as they attempt to improve the way they do business.


Beat Bass

CEO, Bellecapital

‘People need to open up and make themselves available to other cultural dynamics and points of view.

‘They need to look at things not only the Swiss way, but also the US and UK way. It was something we had to learn, but once you have it, you can leverage it.’ 

Josef Bollag

CEO, Tareno

‘Clients know all too well when you take advantage of them.

‘You must offer full transparency, integrity and excellent service, and always go the extra mile.’

Patrick Bernasconi

Partner, Sept Finance

‘Today, if we look at external asset managers, they want to do everything.

‘If you want to keep introducing new people to the company, you can do that. If not, then you have to join a larger company and be
willing to change the way you proceed.’

Benjamin Schoch

Head of AM, Albin Kistler

‘In bigger financial companies, the portfolio manager doesn’t see the

‘They can pick stocks or funds that they wouldn’t invest in themselves. We have to stand in front of our clients. I know
this customer who’s in front of me every year or more often.
I know that it’s his more, and it’s important. It’s more personal.’

Jacqui Cheshire

Head of Family Office (Switzerland), Stonehage Fleming

‘If you work with wonderful people who are passionate about what they do, it is much easier to keep track of everything.

‘You have to be a good example. You have to encourage the team so that they want to go out there and achieve and you have to instil that in them.’

François Savary

CIO, Prime Partners

‘It is better to be criticised than ignored. You will make mistakes but you will also get it right.

‘It’s a business where nobody is always right. If you want to stand, you have to be strong and react as little as possible to somebody else’s comments.’