Last month, 15 sector-leading managers earned their first Citywire AAA ratings for outperformance in their respective sectors.

In doing so, the managers have gained Citywire's highest merit for their risk-adjusted returns, positioning themselves among just a select few at the top of the 15,000 managers in our database.

Here we take a closer look at the top three high-flying managers that joined the exclusive AAA-rated community.

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Mark Tay, Allianz Global Investors

Manager ratio: 1.27

Fund: Allianz Dynamic Asian High Yield Bond

Allianz GI's Mark Tay has earned an AAA rating and comes in as the highest newly-rated name in the Citywire database for his solid risk-adjusted performance on the Asian high yield bond fund. 

Tay first started to run the fund in October 2014 and is the head of fixed income at Allianz Global Investors Singapore. 

The Allianz Dynamic Asian High Yield Bond W USD fund returned 34.70% over the past three years to the end of October 2017 in Swiss franc terms. This compares with the benchmark, the United Asian High Yield Bond fund, which returned 27.47% over the same period. 

Gregory Finck, Morgan Stanley

Manager ratio: 1.22

Fund: Morgan Stanley Global Mortgage Securities

Newly AAA-rated Gregory Finck has run Morgan Stanley Global Mortgage Securities fund since 2014, alongside Citywire AA-rated Neil Stone

Finck currently serves as head of the securitised team at Morgan Stanley, with more than 22 years of investment experience. 

Over three years to the end of October 2017, the Morgan Stanley Global Mortgage Securities A EUR fund has returned 17.28% in Swiss franc terms, which compares with the benchmark Bloomberg Barclays US MBS TR's 10.22% over the same period. 

Michael J. Conelius, T. Rowe Price

Manager ratio: 0.92

Fund: T. Rowe Emerging Markets Bond Fund

Michael J. Conelius has the third best manager ratio of the group of newly AAA-rated managers, just missing the 1.00 mark. 

The emerging markets bond manager has run his T. Rowe Price fund since December 2004.

Conelius is a portfolio manager in the fixed income division at T. Rowe Price, where he has worked for 29 years. 

Over three years to the end of October 2017, the T. Rowe Emerging Markets Bond fund returned 25.29% in Swiss franc terms, while the benchmark JP Morgan EMBI Global returned 21.76% over the same period.

Here's a full rundown of the latest fund managers to join the elite group:

Manager MR Tracking error Contributing funds Sector
Mark Tay 1.27 1.49 Allianz Dynamic Asian High Yield Bond Bonds - Asia Pacific Hard Currency
Gregory Finck 1.22 1.66 Morgan Stanley Global Mortgage Securities Bonds - US Dollar Mortgages
Michael J. Conelius 0.92 1.53 T Rowe Emerging Markets Bond Bonds - Emerging Markets Global Hard Currency
Mohsin Memon & Rollo Roscow 0.92 6.14 Schroder ISF Emerging Europe Equities - Emerging Markets Europe
Bin Shi 0.89 9.83 UBS (Lux) Eq Fd - China Opportunity & UBS (Lux) Equity Fd - Greater China Equities - China & Equities - Greater China
Olga Karakozova 0.88 8.67 Danske Invest Russia Equities - Russia
Vinay Thapar 0.87 3.18 AB SICAV I-International Health Care Equities - Pharmaceuticals & Health Care
Frank Schwarz & Patrick Vogel  0.87 11.06 MainFirst - Global Equities Equities - Global
Guillaume Puech 0.85 6.67 Echiquier Agenor Equities - European Small & Medium Companies
Chris Lau 0.85 1.62 Invesco Asian Bond & Invesco Renminbi Fixed Income Bonds - Asia Pacific Hard Currency & Bonds - Chinese Yuan
Hugo Bain 0.82 4.85 Pictet - Emerging Europe & Pictet-Russian Equities Equities - Emerging Markets Europe & Equities - Russia
Rafael Mendoza Grendi 0.82 5.24 Investec GSF Latin American Equity Equities - Latin America
Eric Bendahan 0.78 4.05 Eleva European Selection Fund Equities - Europe