Zurich-based boutique Pilatus Partners hired Bernhard Urech at the beginning of July 2018 as its new head of portfolio management. He spoke to Citywire Switzerland about why he chose to move to a boutique after working for one of the biggest asset management firms in Switzerland.

‘I have always liked working for GAM, but then the opportunity to work for Pilatus Partners came along,' he said. 'I have known Siegbert Böttinger, the CIO of Pilatus Partners, for many years and as they were looking to enlarge their portfolio management team we started talking.

'Pilatus Partners convinced me with its lean, very focused, professional and successful set-up and with the people involved.’

Urech, who was head of fixed income interest rates for nine years at GAM, will contribute to the strengthening of the investment team.

Starting his new job, he immediately noticed some differences between the asset manager and the Zurich boutique.

‘The most striking difference is obviously that you really have to act as an entrepreneur and are held fully accountable for it.

‘When you start you feel a bit helpless because you have to get used to all the systems and the processes and everything is new. But that gets better day by day.’

Pilatus Partners focuses on the management of fixed income investments.